By James Luceno

ISBN-10: 0345507002

ISBN-13: 9780345507006

Years have handed given that Jacen Solo, seduced by way of the darkish part and reanointed because the brutal Sith Lord Darth Caedus, died by the hands of his dual sister, Jaina, Sword of the Jedi. For a grieving Han and Leia, the shadow in their son’s tragic downfall nonetheless looms huge. yet Jacen’s personal shiny and loving daughter, Allana, bargains a ray of wish for the longer term as she prospers in her grandparents’ care. And whilst the keen, inquisitive woman, in whom the strength grows ever more suitable, makes a curious discovery aboard her grandfather’s loved spacecraft–the much-overhauled yet ever-dependable Millennium Falcon–the Solo relatives unearths itself at a brand new turning aspect, approximately to set out on an odyssey into doubtful territory, untold experience, and unforeseen rewards.
To Han, who understands each bolt, weld, and sensor of the Falcon as though they have been components of himself, the unusual equipment Allana exhibits him is totally alien. yet its confounding presence–and Allana’s infectious wish to get to the bottom of its mystery–are very unlikely to brush aside. the single resolution lies in backtracking into the earlier on a fact-finding day trip to retrace the folk, areas, and occasions within the checkered heritage of the vessel that’s performed every thing from making the Kessel Run “in lower than twelve parsecs” to assisting topple an evil empire.

From the instant the Falcon broke unfastened from a Corellian meeting line like an untamed creature with a will of its personal, it appeared destined to find hassle. It wasn’t lengthy earlier than the feisty YT-1300 freighter went from shuttling shipment to smuggling contraband. yet it‘s a fateful rendezvous on Coruscant, on the explosive top of the Republic/Separatist rebellion, that launches a galaxywide cat-and-mouse online game whose most modern gamers are Han, Leia, Allana, and C-3PO. And they’re now not on my own: Crime lords, galactic pirates, rogue politicians, and fortune hunters alike loom at each flip of the quest–each together with his or her personal determined stake within the Millennium Falcon’s such a lot momentous undertaking. over the years and around the stars, from the Rim worlds to unknown issues past, the race will lead all of them to a last standoff for a prize a few will probability every thing to find–and pay any price to own.

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Years have handed in view that Jacen Solo, seduced by way of the darkish facet and reanointed because the brutal Sith Lord Darth Caedus, died by the hands of his dual sister, Jaina, Sword of the Jedi. For a grieving Han and Leia, the shadow in their son’s tragic downfall nonetheless looms huge. yet Jacen’s personal vivid and loving daughter, Allana, bargains a ray of wish for the long run as she prospers in her grandparents’ care.

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