By Jacquelyn Frank

ISBN-10: 0821780670

ISBN-13: 9780821780671

He's often called the Warrior Captain - a grasp of each weapon, a fierce soldier sworn to guard his type. strong, relentless, cruel, Elijah has consistently received each conflict he is ever taken on - before. Ambushed by way of necromancers, he's left for lifeless basically to be chanced on by means of the lady who may rather well bring the ultimate blow...Siena, the Lycanthrope Queen. With 3 centuries of warring, little greater than a decade of uneasy peace has existed among the Lycanthropes and Elijah's humans. Now, after a life of suspicion, the warrior in Elijah is ate up with a special conflict - successful Siena's middle through giving her excitement past all limitations. What starts off as charm and arousal quickly burns right into a ardour with results that might echo during the a while for either their humans. And as would-be enemies turn into inseparable fanatics, one other hazard techniques, one with the ability to spoil them all...

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He's often called the Warrior Captain - a grasp of each weapon, a fierce soldier sworn to guard his variety. strong, relentless, cruel, Elijah has continuously received each conflict he is ever taken on - previously. Ambushed by way of necromancers, he's left for useless basically to be found through the girl who may possibly rather well carry the ultimate blow.

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Her fingertips slid with silky elegance down the length of his back, all the way from his shoulders to the edge of the towel slung low around his hips. The return trip up his spine bludgeoned him with sensation and a shaft of heat that clutched brutally down his belly and into his groin. Elijah jerked his mouth from hers, gasping as hard as she was for that broken moment, but then she was being dragged up high against his body by his hands, her knee hooking over his hip in sensual aggression, her bruised and beautiful mouth already opening for him as he understood she was not in any frame of mind to tolerate his doubts, if indeed he had any, any longer.

The next thing he was aware of was that he was completely nude and that she was not much better off in a short, damp skirt that was gathered up around her bared hips. This made her decided lack of fear impress itself on him. Not that he would take advantage of such a situation even if had she been his worst enemy, but how would she know that he meant her no harm? Considering the fact that he was the one in the dominant, aggressive position, her bravery seemed either very impressive or very foolish.

Elijah leapt away from the sudden feel of feline sinew, his shock erupting in a vocalized announcement just as loud as hers as he suddenly realized what had happened. He fell back into the frigid water as he lost his balance, but reemerged quickly, shaking water back from his hair with a single, sharp motion of his head and hands. The gold cat scrabbled to gain its feet, claws skittering madly over the smooth stone surface as it bolted into a dark corner of the cavern, leaving white scrape marks in her wake.

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