By Robert S. Wistrich

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With its origins in a convention geared up by way of the Institute of Jewish Affairs in London, this e-book asks if a standard denominator are available among the anti-Semitism that has existed in the course of the a while and extra modern different types of anti-Zionism.

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The Soviet propaganda campaign against West Germany was broadened to include Israel and the accusations of 'revanchism' and neo-Nazism lumped Adenauer with BenGurion. Here we have the first nascent buds of the equating of Zionism with Nazism that was to become one of the main themes of Soviet anti-Zionist propaganda in the 1980s. While international politics and the geopolitical aspirations of the USSR provide background motivations for antagonism to Israel and for the depiction of Zionism as a subversive anti-Soviet force, this analysis cannot be complete without consideration of the factor of Bolshevik-Zionist competition for the loyalty of Soviet Jews - a throwback to prerevolutionary problems of the communist movement.

Let us remember at this point the situation of Soviet Jews after the Second World War. First and foremost there was the trauma of the Nazi Holocaust. Its impact on Jewish self-consciousness cannot be overstated. Together with this came the shock of wartime and post-war antisemitism felt by a generation that had grown up after the revolution and felt itself a part of the Soviet cultural and scientific intelligentsia. The wave of Jewish refugees from Poland and the Baltic states brought to Soviet Jews an infusion of persons bearing with Theodore H.

With its roots in concepts created by Russian antisemites of the Tsarist period it undoubtedly constitutes a threat to all Soviet Jews. The theme of a world Jewish conspiracy embraced by antisemites of Tsarist times had no necessary relation to modern Zionism. Its roots were in religion and in Russian social and political problems rather than in the area of international relations. It was antiJewish, pure and simple. In adopting these concepts, Soviet antisemites have laid at the door of Zionism all the same evils, often tracing their roots back into Jewish religion and culture.

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Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism in the Contemporary World by Robert S. Wistrich

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Anti-Zionism and Antisemitism in the Contemporary World by Robert S. Wistrich PDF
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