By Harun Yahya

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Qur'an, 45:24) Other members of societies that are far from religion develop a blind attachment to their ancestors' traditions and adopt them as guides. Hearsay, customs, habits that find social acceptance, some rules to which people adhere blindly, and false teachings 51 ANSWERS FROM THE QUR'AN make up such traditions. In this system, people do not need to employ or exercise their reason and wisdom, for following the herd is the predominant psychology, as well as the lifestyle and understanding to which the majority of its members adhere.

But on the Day of Judgment you shall disown each other and curse each other. " (Qur'an, 29:25) The major feelings that impede love are pride and jealousy. These feelings, which are prevalent among societies ignorant of religion, often hinder people from seeing the good attributes in others and from taking pleasure from them. But those who have 40 HARUN YAHYA faith, and thereby are free of jealousy and pride, find it easy to appreciate and praise people's good characteristics, all of which they attribute to Allah.

Qur'an, 42:23) Yet we need to remember that communicating the message is not the Prophets' duty alone. Summoning people to the right path, enjoining good and forbidding evil, calling people to Islam and the Qur'an are incumbent upon all Muslims, although it is sometimes perceived by the public as the responsibility of only Prophets and Messengers. Communicating Allah's message is an act of worship, such as performing one's prayers or fasting. As such, it is considered one of the believers' basic attributes: The male and female believers are friends of one another.

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Answers from the Qur'an: For New Comers to Islam by Harun Yahya

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Answers from the Qur'an: For New Comers to Islam by Harun Yahya PDF
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