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If a person feels like performing the ritual of submission to the teacher, he may as well do so; if not, why bother? Think this over and you will see that it is precisely such ritualism that makes people of other religions, who have a leaning towards Buddhism, shake their heads and lose interest. They look down on such ceremonies as naive, animistic, fit only for Stone Age man. ” So if the meditator does perform this ceremony of submission in order to 32 avoid friction with other people who still cling to it, let him do so — fully aware, however, that it is merely a ceremony and has nothing to do with the spirit of Buddhism, which is opposed to all irrational submission.

The Dhamma medicine guarantees permanent freedom from these diseases and this each one can realize within himself. Anyone who is already in bad health should lose no time in getting cured so that he does not have to be concerned about treatment while practising. If he has tried his best, using all ways and means, and has still failed to get rid of his illness, then he had better give up treatment and stop being concerned about it. The meditator must fight death by practising mental development with determination and perseverance.

Better still is to practise under a tree rather than in a hut — though the tree chosen must be in a secluded place where the meditator will not be disturbed by curious onlookers. If he cannot find such a tree, he must just remain indifferent, taking no notice of anyone who may come to stare. Living under a tree gets completely rid of the Impediment of Dwelling. (2) Family (kula-palibodha): This Impediment con- sists in concern on the part of the meditator regarding 53 his supporters the people who maintain and help him in any way: worry about their perhaps being ill, missing them if unable to meet them every day, and so on.

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