By AV Balakrishnan

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Introduction.- Dynamics of Wing Structure.- The ventilation Model.- The regular kingdom HStatic L resolution of the Aeroelastic Equation.- Linear Aeroelasticity concept The Possio vital Equation.- NonLinear Aeroelasticity thought in 2 D Aerodynamics Flutter As LCO.- Viscous circulate Theory.-Optimal regulate idea : Flutter Suppression.- Aeroelastic Gust reaction

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Controllability For this purpose we introduce the important notion of “controllability”—see [16]— the original notion in finite dimensions extended to infinite dimensions. t/; t 0, over the Hilbert space H. t/Y jj ! 0 as t ! 1: Let B denote a finite-dimensional operator on RmSinto H. t/Bu; u Rm is dense in H. Here we can state a basic result of control theory. 4. Suppose the semigroup S. A B/ is controllable. Then the semigroup generated by A BB is strongly stable. t u Proof. See [16]. Remark. It is known (see [16]) that a finite-dimensional control cannot guarantee a uniform decay rate for all modes (exponential stability).

P f2 . / D. 0/ g l The condition on f2 . `/ D 0; f20 . 0; `/: This domain is dense in HE . We now define A by: 0 f2 . 0/ C : AY D B @ g 1 A GJ 00 f . / I 1 Then A is closed linear with dense domain and compact resolvent. 0/j2 C GJ Œf100 . /; f2 . /: g ŒAY; Y E D GJ Œf2 . /; f100 . t/; t 0, a contraction semigroup, but actually exponentially stable, as we show presently. Of greater interest to us are the eigenvalues and how they depend on the gain g. Spectrum of A Let Aˆ D ˆ which with 0 1 f1 .

Obviously we get back the beam modes for large mass m1 . 2. Several Point Masses. This result readily generalizes to the case of several point masses, but none at the end points. Following the Helios model [81], we consider (N 1) masses mi at si , placed symmetrically: si D i ` ; N i D 1; : : : ; N 1; where N is even so that we have a mass at the center at `=2. Here Á d. / D Det P eA. `=N / EN 1 : : : : eA. `=N / E N : : : eA. `=N / Q which again 2 factors as FN . ; / sin `; where the beam modes are the roots of FN .

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