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The intuition behind the idea of life chances is straightforward. ``In our terminology,'' Weber (in Gerth and Mills 1958: 181±182) writes: ''classes'' are not communities; they merely represent possible, and frequent, bases for communal action. We may speak of a ``class'' when (1) a number of people have in common a speci®c causal component of their life chances, in so far as (2) this component is represented exclusively by economic interests in the possession of goods and opportunities for income, and (3) is represented under conditions of the commodity or labor markets .

In effect this means that the wages and salaries of managerial labor power are above the costs of producing and reproducing their labor power (including whatever skills they might have). In an earlier work (Wright 1985) I argued that by virtue of this Class analysis 17 appropriation of surplus by managers they should generally be seen as exploiters. The problem with this formulation is that managers also contribute to the surplus through their own laboring activity, and thus their surplus income may simply re¯ect a capacity to appropriate part of the surplus which they contribute to production.

2 The concept of exploitation The story of the shmoo revolves around the linkage between class divisions, class interests and exploitation. There are two main classes in the story ± capitalists who own the means of production and workers who do not. By virtue of the productive assets which they own (capital and labor power) they each face a set of constraints on how they can best pursue their material interests. The presence of shmoos fundamentally transforms these constraints and is a threat to the material interests of capitalists.

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