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A priest came by last night,” Mauricio finally said, his voice stronger. “A young guy. ” He smiled, then glanced toward the hallway. ” He laid his hand on his chest. ” Mauricio shook his head. “I pretended I was asleep. He said some stuff in Latin. ” Donnally peered at Mauricio. ” “I didn’t get the sense he was doing it for me. ” That was the one thing he and Mauricio agreed on, but for different reasons. For Mauricio, religion was a straitjacket. For Donnally, it was an unknowable ocean. ” Donnally asked.

Donnally asked. Blaine shrugged again. “How should I know? Napa State Hospital. Atascadero. ” The prosecutor’s face went sunburn red.  .  . Look. We’ve had thousands of murders in this county since then. We can’t track every—” Donnally’s gesture of disgust cut the prosecutor short. Blaine reached for the telephone resting on the desk that had been used by Earl Warren during the 1920s when he was the Alameda County district attorney. Donnally remembered once looking at it during their task force years and imagining a Senator Lloyd Bentsen–type figure telling Blaine, a Dan Quayle stand-in: “I knew Earl Warren.

He sat up on the edge of the bed. ” “I’m sure whatever he had is spoiled by now,” she said. ” Donnally rubbed his temples to clear his mind. ” Mauricio’s dead. He looked again at the clock. M. The Food Mart wasn’t open yet. “I’ve got some in the fridge. ” He lowered the handset back into its cradle, wondering why he’d never before made the mistake of thinking someone was alive after they’d passed away. Never once had he thought of picking up the phone and calling his grandmother after she died, even though he felt a connection to her that transcended her death.

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