By Binnie Kirshenbaum

ISBN-10: 0060520884

ISBN-13: 9780060520885

ISBN-10: 0061826286

ISBN-13: 9780061826283

Brazen and given to transgressions, the narrator of this mordantly witty novel is an aloof, difficult speaking, married long island lady who contains on 3 affairs at the same time, blithely breaking seven of the 10 Commandments in her look for a secure position to land. Rootless, bouncing from mattress to mattress, she is aware she is natural of middle. If in basic terms she may perhaps locate the place her center acquired misplaced. Irreverent and achingly sincere, she issues to the small yet infinitely deep cracks in our mask, drawing the reader into her global of misadventure -- erotic, comedian, and deeply unsettling. Juggling 4 males -- her husband, "the hit man," "the multimedia artist," and "the love of her existence" -- she cannot make a decision even if she is out to turn out or disprove the Talmudic knowledge: in the event you do not know the place you are going, any street will take you there.

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Ever since I met you, I’ve got this • binnie kirshenbaum 24 awareness of my cock. ” I ask. ” “I knew where it was,” his voice grows louder the way music gets turned up as the party grows more lively. ” The two women at the next table hear him, and all four of us laugh. The women are still laughing, but the hit man cuts his short, moves his chair in closer to me, shuts the interlopers out. “It’s not that I didn’t always feel it before. I mean, I knew it was there. But now it’s like banging up against my leg.

Or coffee. He doesn’t do any drugs. He doesn’t smoke cigarettes. “I don’t have any vices,” he says in a way that makes me defensive. “And,” he adds, “I’ve been tested. ” A brush stroke of decadence, a small indulgence, perhaps impulsively buying some decent drinking glasses for a lark, just to be wild, might be the ticket to move his bowels for him. He is a rigid man. “When I first decided to be an artist,” he explains himself,“I observed that losers fell into three categories. Those who drank.

The hit man opens his briefcase, takes out a piece of paper, yellow legal pad paper, and gives it to me. I read: Box 3547, GPO, New York, NY 10087. ” I ask. “Your address,” he says. ” The hit man has rented me a post office box. “So no matter where you go, you’ve got a way to touch base. ” 37 a brief outline of my accomplishments I waft from one painting to the next, gliding through clusters of tourists and art students here for the Rauschenberg retrospective. I stand before a huge canvas, but I’m looking at a man making his way over to me.

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