By Harry Turtledove

ISBN-10: 0865531986

ISBN-13: 9780865531987

A unprecedented novel of another the USA by means of the writer of The weapons of the South. Can it's referred to as slavery if the slaves are ape-men, little greater than animals? Slavery had come to this New international in a fashion completely different from our own--but whilst the Sims discover ways to communicate, concerns develop into extra advanced.

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It just wasn’t . . because that slender, incredibly young girl was sex personified. You could have let yourself go easily enough, with no inhibitions and no restraint. But a kiss alone can be a kind of idealization of love on a super-romantic plane, and can linger hauntingly in your memory for days — all the sweetness and wonder of it. In a way, it is complete physical intimacy, if it is passionately sensuous and prolonged . . The very attenuation of the experience seems to make it more intense and hauntingly beautiful, so that you’re stirred to the depths.

It vanished in an instant but the look that replaced it was just as much of a giveaway. I could see that she was disappointed. Frustrated and angry as well, although she did her best to hide it when she saw I was staring at her so intently I could hardly have failed to suspect what was passing through her mind. She was wearing a sleeping garment which she must have put on under her dress before coming to the ruins, for she had carried no garment-bag with her. It was jet black, completely opaque, and even more abbreviated than the dress she’d taken off.

She had held out a promise of complete fulfillment, but first I must promise to do something which was unthinkable, which did violence to everything I believed in. She had asked me to help Society expose and destroy a conspiracy I knew very little about. I only knew I was in complete sympathy with the men and women I had seen in the pass. I would have gladly joined them and fought to the death to defend that kind of revolt, if what she had told me about it was true. What did it mean? Had she attempted to implant in my mind a post-hypnotic suggestion which I would be powerless to resist on awakening?

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