By Sir Richard Francis Burton (Translator)

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In Heaven are stars and planets numberless * But none save Sun and Moon eclipse endure. ' Now when I heard these words of my mother, O Prince of True Believers, and what she addressed to me of wise sayings and poetry, I took patience and rendered account to Allah;"--And Shahrazad was surprised by the dawn of day and fell silent and ceased to say her permitted say. " It hath reached me, O auspicious King, the director, the right-guiding, lord of the rede which is benefiting and of deeds fair-seeming and worthy celebrating, that Manjab said, "O Commander of the Faithful, I had patience and rendered my account to Allah Almighty.

And when I answered 'Yes,' he wrote out, O Commander of the Faithful, his testimony together with the penalty, while I hardly believed in all this. Presently, she brought out a tray, whereupon were a thousand miskals of gold and a thousand dirhams of silver which she scattered among the Kazi and witnesses; so they took them and went their ways having duly tied the marriage-knot and indited the penalty thereto attached. Then they served up food and we ate and drank and I lay with her that night in the pleasantest of nighting and the gladsomest of living and I only desired that morning would never appear for the stress of what befel me of joyance and delight; and, verily, I never saw and never heard and never knew any that was the like of her.

And when I heard her speech, O Commander of the Faithful, I hanged my head ground-wards and could not return a reply, nor even attempt to address her could I. ' Woe to thee, and he lied not who said that in men-kind there be no trust. But how, O Manjab, didst thou prefer this slave-girl before me and make her my equal in dress and semblance? ' So they fetched them without stay or delay, and they produced the obligation which had been written, with the penalty duly attested by testimony. ' Hereupon, O Prince of True Believers, she summoned the Governor and his officials, and I confessed before them and bore witness against myself, when they reviled me and abused me, and I told them the tale full and complete.

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1001 Arabian Nights - Supplemental Nights - Volume 15 by Sir Richard Francis Burton (Translator)

by William

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