By Heather Jarman

What's Past

A certain six-part S.C.E. occasion that flashes again to earlier adventures of the S.C.E. team from the twenty third century to the peak of the kingdom conflict, with distinctive site visitors from all around the famous person Trek universe!

2374: The planet Bynaus has consistently been a haven of order in a chaotic universe. Its population, the Bynars, dwell in concord with desktops, functioning in binary pairs to maintain their society alive.

Two Starfleet officials arrive in an try to recruit Bynars for the Starfleet Corps of Engineers -- but if one of many power recruits is located lifeless, it's as much as Citizen providers investigators one hundred ten and 111 to figure out the reason for demise. yet their research will make them a startling revelation that may rock Bynaus to its very middle!

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Pol was an irritant the Family bore and generally laughed at, for his irritation was to the Halds as often as any . . and others enjoyed that. Pol rose, with his cousins. " And seizing young Tand by the arm, Pol left for the bar, self-pleased, laughing. Morn followed in their wake, his grim face once turned back to Eton with no pleasure at all. Eron expelled a short breath and looked on Del. The eldest Hald's lips were set in a thin line. "He's a hazard," Eton said "Someone has to make sure of him.

Mom took that for the irony it was and stopped asking questions. "Simply watch," she said. "And, Tand-don't provoke anything. " Tand took his leave, quietly. Mom followed. Moth settled in her chair, hands folded, dreaming into the coloured lights that flowed in the table surface. _ BOOK THREE i There was, in the salon of the Andra's Jewel, an unaccustomed silence. Normally the first main-evening of a voyage would have seen the salon crowded with wealthy beta passengers, each smartly turned out in expensive innerworld fashions, tongues soon loosened with drink and the nervousness with which these folk, the wealthy of several worlds, greeted their departure from Kalind station.

There was nothing she particularly wanted to hear. She was not in Kethiuy. That told her something. Drugs hazed her senses, keeping her from wishing anything very strongly. This continued for what seemed days. There were meals. She was fed, being unable to feed herself. She was moved, bothered for this and the other necessity. She said nothing in all this time, and from the azi there was no word. But finally the drugs were gone, and she waked with a majat guard in the room. Red-hive. She recognised the badges, the marks they wore for humans, who could not see their colours.

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